What You Need To Know

Who is Eligible for CRSB Accreditation?

CRSB accreditation is designed to establish industry standards for private-sector caregiver registries that screen, refer and represent independent contractor caregiver registries. The CRSB created its accreditation based upon the highest collective standards nationwide and condensed those into a single process that determines whether a caregiver registry is operating within those high standards. Interested in applying for accreditation? CLICK HERE

What are the Benefits of CRSB Accreditation?

CRSB accreditation benefits both the accredited registries and the general public by enhancing the professionalism of the industry. This allows for industry benchmarking of operational standards and creates credibility and standardization, as well as transparency for caregiver recruitment. By making a seal of approval available and attainable for caregiver registries that meet or exceed the CRSB standards, we can clearly communicate the industry’s overall commitment to the highest standards of professionalism.

What Does CRSB Accreditation Measure?

The main goal of the accreditation program is to ensure an independent and objective review of the services provided by the caregiver registry.  Those services are compared against established industry standards to verify appropriate administrative credentialing, independent contractor screening / credentialing, complaint / information management and written independent contractor documentation.

CRSB Accreditation: What It Is and What It Is Not

An entity that is awarded a CRSB Accreditation is deemed by the Caregiver Registry Standards Board to be operating at or above both industry standards and CRSB established protocol standards. The CRSB verifies whether a registry possesses state licensing, wherever applicable, and is operating within the guidelines of such required standards of the CRSB. 

CRSB Accreditation is not intended to confirm or suggest, and may not be relied upon as confirming or suggesting, that an accredited entity is operating in compliance with any applicable federal, state or local law or regulation. Any such determinations are wholly outside the scope, expertise, and authority of the CRSB; and CRSB hereby disclaims any connection, perceived or otherwise, between an entity being accredited by CRSB and the entity being in compliance with any applicable law or regulation.